Calypso is a digital toolbox for teachers and dance mediators who want to organise dance projects in schools. The website contains bilingual (German and English) practice material for dance teaching in two languages. Questionnaire-based guidelines, video tutorials, handouts and playful methods for establishing themes and movements are designed for different target groups and provide inspiration for creative approaches to mediation that can be applied to instruction in schools.

Calypso was created as part of the Kunstlabore programme by MUTIK gGmbH, which receives funding from the Mercator Foundation. As the ‘Dance Kunstlabor’, TanzZeit was tasked with making its own practical experience accessible online, thus opening it up for application across Germany.

Illustration: Anita Allemann

Advanced training opportunities for dance mediators and teachers

Our advanced training options are open to dancers, teachers and students across Germany. They focus on topics relating to dance mediation, regardless of the format, context, federal state or coordinating office.

If you’re interested in learning more about Calypso as a resource for high-quality dance mediation in schools, you can sign up for our introductory and advanced workshops.

We offer you insight into using our digital toolbox Calypso at different levels over the course of three online workshops. The objective is for you to be able to use Calypso independently and over the long term as a kit that you can deploy in your own dance mediation in schools. We recommend attending an introductory workshop before booking an advanced module.

1 – An introduction to working with Calypso

Fr, 01/10/2021 | 4.30 pm - 6 pm | Instructor: Ulrich Huhn (registration deadline 21/09)

Fr, 05/11/2021 | 4.30 pm - 6 pm | Instructor: Livia Patrizi (registration deadline 26/10)

Fr, 11/02/2022 | 4.30 pm - 6 pm | Instructor: Hanna Hegenscheidt (registration deadline 01/02)

Fr, 18/03/2022 | 4.30 pm - 6 pm | Instructor: An Boekman (registration deadline 08/03)

In this 90 minutes introductory workshop, participants learn more about the systematic creation and background of Calypso. Calypso comprises seven goals, each with versatile accompanying material that serves as a guide to the course of a project. These materials enable mediators to act according to different situations and develop their own unique project together with the pupils on site, as artistic processes rarely go exactly to plan, different classes have different needs, and the methodological approaches of individual dance mediators will also vary.


2 – Advanced work with Calypso: Defining themes

Sa, 20/11/2021 | 10 am - 2 pm | Instructors: An Boekman & Livia Patrizi (registration deadline 10/11)

This four-hour workshop gives participants a deeper insight into the structure of Calypso and allows them to use it to develop their own ideas for contemporary dance mediation in schools. To that end, this session is dedicated to the Calypso goal of ‘coming up with themes’, looking at the ‘focus areas’ involved. The workshop concentrates on the focus area of ‘Bodies and movement’ and ‘Dance and form’. These are fundamental to dance and thus of vital importance for dance mediators. Together, we look at the working principle behind these areas of focus and applying it to the participant’s own knowledge and experience. Team tasks and exercises (breakout rooms) are carried out based on the focus areas and discussed and evaluated among the whole group.

For more information, go to Calypso and look at the ‘Coming up with themes’ section.


3 – Advanced work with Calypso: Creating choreography

Sa, 30.04.2022 | 10.00-14.00 Uhr | Dozent*innen: Hanna Hegenscheidt & Ulrich Huhn (Anmeldefrist 20.04.)

This four-hour workshop is dedicated to the process of creating choreography within a school setting. To that end, this session is dedicated to the Calypso objective of ‘Creating choreography’ and the relevant material. The material on ‘Choreography in a school setting’ sets out the prerequisites for successful choreographic work in schools, which we will reflect upon and discuss together. What does choreography mean within the context of dance mediation in schools? How can we address the social system of school classes as part of the artistic process? The ‘Choreographic pathways’ structure and illustrate the process of coming up with a piece of choreography. Different possibilities for playing with the pathways are put together in small group work (breakout rooms).

For more information, go to Calypso and look at the ‘Creating choreography’ section.



Individual sessions

Introduction (90 min) …. 25,- €
Advanced work (240 min) …. 50,- €

Package prices

Introduction + 1 advanced session …. 65,- €
Introduction + 2 advanced sessions …. 110,- €


All workshops will take place on Zoom. For more information or to register:

Partner of the ‘Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education’ pilot certification course

‘Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education’ applications is a nationwide certification course for creatives. TanzZeit is the project partner for the area of Contemporary Dance. The pilot course is being devised by the Institute of Cultural Policy, part of the Department of Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication at the University of Hildesheim, in close conjunction with the practical partners, and is set to run for the first time from September 2021 to August 2022.

The course will offer a total of 30 artists from different artistic sectors the possibility to gain accreditation for cultural education projects in schools and other organisations.

For more details, see: