The TanzZeit Jugendcompany is a dance company for teenagers and young adults founded by choreographer Livia Patrizi and choreographer Florian Bilbao. The idea originally stemmed from the need to teach young people about dance in a sustainable way, and to offer them an artistic space for training, rehearsals and performances. The Jugendcompany trains every Monday evening and produces one dance performance under professional conditions every school year. It is free and open to all young people interested in dance from the age of 14 up.

This year, the TanzZeit Jugencompany is led by Florian Bilbao. The three mentors are Lucia Matzke, Wibke Storkan and Tibor Szentmártony.

Applications are still open.

Please apply to jugendcompany@tanzzeit-berlin.de.


How does Berlin dance? A project by the TanzZeit Jugendcompany is supported by



The directors developed the piece WE TRANSFER #1 to kick off the programme in autumn 2020. It is now touring Berlin schools to find those interested in participating during the new academic year.

WE TRANSFER #1 A mobile piece by Florian Bilbao, in collaboration with Lucia Matzke, Wibke Storkan and Tibor Szentmártony

-> For more information about the piece, see the TANZKOMPLIZEN website.