TanzZeit creates spaces in which young people can give self-determined, artistic expression to their experiences of the world. Here they have the opportunity to communicate their ideas, dreams and even conflicts through dance. I myself have experienced the magical power with which dance often succeeds in transforming the seemingly unutterable, so that others can understand it.

Wim Wenders, Patron of TanzZeit e.V.

TanzZeit stands for dance for young people in Berlin

As a novel cultural institution at the interface of dance art and education, TanzZeit creates visibility and recognition of dance in a social context.

Founded in 2005 with the aim of anchoring contemporary dance in the school curriculum, TanzZeit today operates not only the project Tanz in Schulen (Dance in Schools) but also the production and performance venue TANZKOMPLIZEN, a comprehensive continuing education program for artists and teachers, its own Jugendcompany, and the dance battle format Club Oval.

The various departments of TanzZeit – production, mediation and further education – are mutually dependent and mutually stimulating. Practice, reception and reflection intertwine and build on each other. From teaching formats in schools, to certificate courses at the university, to professional stage productions for family audiences and school classes – the high quality of TanzZeit projects is the result of the fusion of artistic and pedagogical perspectives.

The knowledge of different approaches and challenges in teaching dance art, acquired over many years, is bundled by a large team of international artists and mediators in a practical and differentiated way to inspire people of all ages for dance.

TanzZeit initiates encounters between people of different generations and different social and physical conditions in order to create a “place of cultural bonding”. In the shared experience of many different dance formats, genres and contents, a mutual exchange and a lasting connection are created – between people and dance art and between dance art and the world. For dance works beyond movement, as an expression and method for transformation, participation and self-determination. The body as a carrier of knowledge and experience is at the center of all projects and reveals individual and social diversity.

TanzZeit acts locally, establishes partnerships with people, institutions and places nationwide, and builds international collaborations in order to jointly develop multi-perspective content and strategies. In this cross-disciplinary work, the program is now funded by both the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family. Founded by the dancer and choreographer Livia Patrizi, TanzZeit is now at home in Podewil in Berlin-Mitte.