TanzZeit e.V. is a non-profit association founded in 2005 by the dancer and choreographer Livia Patrizi with the aim of providing contemporary dance outreach to Berlin schools. As a founding member of Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen+ e.V., TanzZeit is committed to making the art of dance a fixture in the overall curriculum. Since 2010, TanzZeit has received regular funding from the Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Young People and Families and has firmly established itself within the education system. It is also supported by renowned German filmmaker Wim Wenders, who has assumed the patronage of the project. Royston Maldoom, the choreographer of the documentary film Rhythm is it, also acts as a mentor for TanzZeit.

TanzZeit regularly teams up with performance spaces, theatres and events venues in Berlin. Since 2006, TanzZeit has been based in Podewil and is a longstanding partner of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH.


TanzZeit now runs five projects:

Through TANZ IN SCHULEN, TanzZeit brings dance into the classroom so that schoolchildren can experience it at first hand, and provides them with a platform for their own starring performance as part of the TanzZeit präsentiert! festival!

Through its digital tool CALYPSO TanzZeit provides free practice material for mediating dance in schools and offers advanced training for artists and teachers.

TANZKOMPLIZEN puts on its own dance productions for young audiences on the TANZKOMPLIZEN stage.

Through JUGENDCOMPANY TanzZeit also offers young people a creative space for experimentation and rehearsals. The dancefloor in the foyer at the Podewil is often given over the the crossover dance-offs put on by CLUB OVAL.

The current TanzZeit e.V. brochure is available as a PDF to download here.