Every so often, TanzZeit puts on its Club Oval event, a crossover dance battle for amateur and professional dancers alike, at the Wildes Palais at Podewil.

There are no limits to the styles that the dancers can perform on the oval dancefloor: contemporary, twerking, ballet, African, hip hop, vogueing and tango are all more than welcome.

This fusion of every conceivable dance style is what makes Club Oval unique.

2019 was a very special year for our crossover dance-off, and things got wilder than ever! Our very first grant from the Berlin Mitte Capital Fund allowed us not only to continue with Club Oval after five very successful years, but to expand the concept and take it to new and dizzying heights. Each of the eight Club Oval events held so far has been a special edition shaped by the ideas and imagination of the respective curators. Artists were invited to sponsor a Club Oval event each, thus expanding upon the existing format by infusing it with their own innovative ideas and content.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic slowed things down a bit in 2020, but that didn’t stop us dancing! See here for the YouTube livestream from the online events held in April and June:


More dates are yet to be announced. If you want to stay informed, like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.


The Wildes Palais is a joint event put on by Kulturprojekte Berlin, Grips Theater and TanzZeit. A new line-up of performers showcase their skills every Thursday in the foyer at Podewil. Poetry slams, performances, films and debates on current social issues could all appear on the programme, along with discussions about cultural education projects.