What TanzZeit can do for you

All school classes and age groups can choose between a master project (26 sessions in the school year) or a junior project (12 sessions over a half-year). We also offer the short format MTC (‘Moving the classroom’). The intensive week-long programme Choreography Backpack is geared towards pupils from Year 6 and up.

We have developed a number of new formats especially for secondary schools: You can choose between a two-hour in-school dance mediation session with an ‘Algorithm’ theme (MTC), a project day where pupils learn about what being a choreographer involves, and a project day based around attending a performance by TANZKOMPLIZEN. The Choreography Backpack format is also highly recommended for secondary schools.

What is new?

We are aware that teachers have the mammoth task of closing gaps in learning, catching up on subject content, yet all without overly increasing the pressure on children who are already under a lot of stress. With that in mind, we put together this year’s programme primarily with the idea of supporting the Berlin framework curriculum. See here for an overview of the possible ways interconnections that we can make through dance, and about the skills that are promoted through dance instruction.

The closing date for applications is 17 June 2022.

Long-standing cooperation


Tandem work is perfect for teachers who have previously taught dance in conjunction with a professional dancer, are familiar with the processes involved, have an interest in dance as a performing art, and are keen to move about and experiment themselves.

For the teacher, working in tandem with a dance artist prompts a change in roles from observer and supporter to co-creator.

For the artist, it’s a huge plus to work with a partner who already has some experience of dance teaching. Tandem means a joint effort by two instructors who both want the same thing: to learn from each other and to plan and implement common objectives.

Developing a dance profile

Dance sessions are systematically integrated into the school timetable as part of developing a dance profile. Different formats that build upon one another in terms of content are a firm fixture in the timetable. The aim is that every child will take part in at least one dance project over the course of their time at school.

This calls for close collaboration with the school leadership team and teaching staff, the development of a specific dance curriculum and dance instruction via the Tandem format. The end result is engaged staff, active collaboration, and a conceptual approach to dance instruction. Joint training formats are created to enhance subject-related and pedagogical collaboration between the teaching staff and the professional dancers, for instance by looking at the artistic process of creation behind a piece of choreography.